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Aired on March 3rd, 2009
Guest: Dr. James Woodward
Guest: Dr. James Woodward. Topic: Mach/Woodward Effect, revolutionary propulsion, gravitation, inertia, electrostriction, specific impulse, interstellar space travel, wormholes. Dr. James Woodward returned to The Space Show for updates on his work with the Mach Effect, also referred to as the Woodward Effect. The first part of the discussion served as primer to the work of Ernst Mach, what the Mach effect is, and how itís plausible that it could someday lead to interstellar space travel. In this discussion, we learned about propellant, the dialectical constraints, engineering issues, wormholes, and much more. Dr. Woodward also spoke about acceleration, electrostriction, and the physics supporting the theories. We also talked about experiments and what constitutes science. This is a good discussion you will not want to miss. Dr. Woodward also spoke about a paper delivered at SPESIF 2009 by Pharis Williams on five-dimensional theories, electromagnetism, and gravity. You will want to hear what he has to say about this line of research. Dr. Woodward was asked about the rift between the science and engineering fields with the social science fields. He also talked with us about what constitutes serious out of the box research versus whacky ideas, that is real physics, real science. He then elaborated with us as to his interest in revolutionary propulsion. A listener even asked him how he funded his research and if it was ready for primetime, such as an NSF grant. Again, don't miss his response to this question. If you have a comment or question for Dr. James Woodward, please send him a note at jwoodward@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU. His Power Point presentation from the SPESIF 2009 conference will soon be available at the SPESIF 2009 website at .

About our guest...

Dr. James Woodward
Dr. James Woodward is an adjunct professor of physics professor and history professor at Cal St. Fullerton and is widely published on the Mach-Effect. Dr. Woodward wants to create technology that will allow mankind to cheaply travel to the stars. Dr. Woodward prefers to give credit of these propulsion devices to Mach. Therefore Dr. Woodward does not refer to the theory as the Woodward Effect (as do others) and instead uses the phrase Mach Effect. Dr. Woodward has his undergraduate degree in physics from Middlebury College, his masters in physics from NYU and his Ph.D in history from the University of Denver. His full bio is at

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